Project Timeline

Dec 2012-Jan 2013: In order to prepare for the migration and to better anticipate issues that might arise, we moved all Technology employees to Google Apps for Education. This pilot period helped us work through technical challenges so we can minimize disruption during the larger migration. During this period, our staff also completed additional Google Apps training and certification so they will be able to provide expert-level support.

February-April 2013: All faculty and staff will be migrated to Google Apps for Education. Technology has met with Deans and other administrative leadership and finalized a timeline for all departments. Please note that Technology has grouped certain functions together to create logical groups (e.g. Finance Functions). As your group's migration date approaches we will contact you with information so you can prepare for your migration and begin learning about Google Apps for Education. We will also work with department liaisons to schedule migration dates for individuals within each department based on availability. 

For an overview of what will happen before, during, and after your department or school migrates to Google Apps, please click here (PDF).