Core and Consumer Apps

Core and Consumer Apps

Core Apps

Google Apps for Education Core Apps include Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and several others listed below. These apps are covered by the contact that Simmons has with Google. This means that Simmons owns this data and it is not indexed by Google. In addition, there are no ads served on these apps and your privacy is protected at a level comparable to when you use other Simmons services. The first time you logged into your Simmons Gmail, you agreed to terms of service that cover your use of the Core Apps.

  • Google Mail (GMail) - Powerful email with 25 gigabytes of storage.

  • Google Calendar - Meeting management that integrates directly with your email.

  • Google Docs - Create and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more.

  • Google Drive - 5 gigabytes of file storage you can access from anywhere.

  • Google Sites - Create websites quickly and easily for classes or departmental projects.

  • Google Groups - Communicate and collaborate with students and colleagues in small groups.

Consumer Apps

In addition to Google Apps for Edu Core Apps such as Gmail, Simmons has enabled Consumer Apps, such as Google+, Blogger, YouTube, Maps, and more for students. At this time, Consumer Apps have not been enabled for faculty and staff. We are conducting an analysis of potential risks posed by faculty/staff use of Consumer Apps (e.g. FERPA, HIPAA) and we will update the community if this policy changes. For more information about Consumer Apps, please continue reading.

Opting In

No one at Simmons is required to use any of the Consumer Apps and choosing not to use them will in no way affect your use of the Core Apps.

What You Need to Know

Consumer Apps are additional services provided by Google that Simmons has enabled to improve your experience using Google Apps for Edu. The first time you use any of the Consumer Apps, you will be asked to agree to a separate set of terms and conditions that cover those products. Please note that these products are not covered by the same agreement that governs use of the Core Apps and using them with your Simmons account is equivalent to using a personal Google account. The data created while using these apps is not owned by Simmons and is indexed by Google and may be used to serve ads.

Full List of Consumer Apps

3D Warehouse


Chrome Web Store

DART for Publishers

DoubleClick Customer Resource Center

DoubleClick DART Enterprise

DoubleClick for Advertisers

DoubleClick for Publishers

DoubleClick Search

DoubleClick Studio


Google Ad Planner

Google AdSense

Google AdSense for TV

Google Advertising Professionals

Google AdWords

Google Affiliate Network

Google Analytics

Google App Engine Admin Console

Google Base

Google Bookmarks

Google Books

Google Chrome Sync

Google Code

Google Custom Search

Google Desktop

Google Finance

Google Friend Connect

Google Groups

Google Hotpot

Google in Your Language

Google Latitude

Google Map Maker

Google Maps

Google Moderator

Google News

Google Offers

Google Places

Google Play Android Developer Console

Google Public Data

Google Reader

Google Sidewiki

Google Squared

Google Subscribed Links

Google Takeout

Google Translator Toolkit

Google Voice

Google Wallet

Google Webmaster Tools



Individual storage


Merchant Center

Mobile Test Tools



Partner Dash

Partner Program

Picasa Web Albums

Product Search

Web History

Website Optimizer


YouTube CMS

YouTube Partner Syndication

YouTube Promoted Videos