Chrome FAQ

Q: What is Google Chrome?
A: Google Chrome is a fully-featured free web browser developed by Google. It works on multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux), and is fast, secure, and stable. Chrome should be installed automatically on all Simmons computers. If it is not installed, please contact the Service Desk by going to or by calling us at 617-521-2222. If you wish to install Google Chrome on your home or personal computer, go to to download the installation package, and then follow the installation instructions provided. The website should automatically detect which version of Google Chrome is best suited for your operating system.

Q: Why should I use Chrome (and not Internet Explorer or Firefox)?
A: Google Chrome is the client for Google Apps for Education. Using it ensures the highest level of compatibility and functionality for these services, and also provides access to additional enhancements such as working offline and desktop notifications. You can still use another browser (like Internet Explorer or Firefox) in addition to Chrome for other web browsing.

Q: What are Google Chrome profiles?
A: Google Chrome profiles allow you to manage multiple users or accounts on a single Google Chrome installation and are a great way to manage and quickly switch between your Simmons Gmail and your personal Gmail account. Each profile keeps its own distinct set of tabs, bookmarks, themes, settings, saved passwords, and Internet history. Please note that Google Chrome profiles are not intended to secure your personal data against being seen by others. Chrome profiles are currently unavailable on mobile versions of the Chrome browser.

Q: Why should I use Google Chrome profiles?
A: Using Google Chrome profiles is a great way to keep your Simmons Gmail and your personal Gmail separate, while still being able to quickly and easily switch between the two as needed. This also allows you to keep two (or more) separate and unrelated sets of Internet browsing windows/tabs open.

Q: How do I set up Google Chrome profiles?
A: You can set up Google Chrome profiles by following the video and step-by-step instructions here.