General FAQ

Q: When will my email be migrated to Gmail? 
A: Technology will be working with departments and schools to schedule migrations from February to April, 2013. Check the Project Timeline for more details.

Q: I've been migrated! How do I access Google Apps for Education?
A: To start using Google Apps for Education, visit and log in using your regular Simmons username and password. This should be the same username and password you use to log into other Simmons services such as Connection, eLearning, or Moodle. The Chrome web browser is the client for Google Apps. If you’re using a Simmons computer, you can find Chrome under All Programs (Windows) or in your Applications folder (Mac).

Q: Will there be training? 
A: Yes! On the day that your email is migrated, Technology staff will be there to make sure everything is working correctly and to answer any immediate questions you have about using Google Apps. There will also be a wealth of online trainings and FAQs as well as in-person training sessions. 

Q: What if I already have a Gmail account? 
A: Your Simmons Google Apps for Education account will be completely separate from your personal Gmail account. Our switch to Gmail and Google Apps for Education means that your Simmons email will now be available at Your email address will not change. You will simply access your email from a new location and be able to take advantage of more storage space, more powerful collaboration tools, and more.

Q: What are some of the benefits of this switch? How is this better than our previous email?
A: Gmail offers modern, easy to use and powerful email with 25GB of storage for students, faculty, and staff. Google Apps for Education also offers a host of powerful collaboration tools that will improve your ability to connect with colleagues and students.